There is a lot of talk about Innovation and equally much speak about Digital Transformation. If you look for it, you can spend days wading through a tsunami of scientific articles, consultancy reports, news updates, blog posts (yes I know I contribute..), tweets, etc. Some with very sensible insights and new knowledge, some less useful.

Also when you are not looking for it, there is a good chance now that you’ll start getting the impression that you “need to innovate” and you “need to do something digital”.
In principle I’d say rightly so! At the same time, I do believe in informed decisions, confident direction and conscious action over fear and unguided reaction.
In other words: ensure that you assess where you stand and what you have already achieved with regard to innovation and digitalisation before you call out “let’s just innovate and create an app!” (seriously it happens..)
Innovation, including Digital Innovation, needs to be guided by a Strategy, which in turn is based on the longer term Focus of the company (Purpose, Mission and Vision).
To sharpen your Focus however, you need to have a clear view of where you stand as a company, what your dominant capabilities are, your key values, how you are viewed by the market, etc.
Asking the right questions, to different people, offering different perspectives and analysing the answers in a proven structure will help greatly to gain insight in your organisation’s current position.
What will also help is a way to benchmark your situation against an ample sample of comparable companies
Gaining insight in your current position gives you an opportunity to see the gaps with your longer term vision, based on which you can then articulate strategies to bridge these gaps and work towards new growth.
Starting this summer INNOVATION-CIRCLE will enrich its current INNOVATION-SCAN with the extensive experience and global benchmark database of InnoSurvey™ developed by Innovation360 Group.
To get a real 360 degree view, we take into account internal company dynamics, external dynamics, market drivers, macro factors, etc.
We analyse capabilities and map them to the aspects of innovation. Our feedback offers recommendations and pointers to adjust your innovation strategy, based on comparison to 1000+ companies in the continuously growing benchmark database.
We are very keen to learn how you are approaching your future, so please share your thoughts!
In June and July we’ll run a special introductory program (at very attractive conditions!) for entrepreneurs and executives in mid-sized enterprises who want to use the summer period to sharpen their focus and boost their innovation strategy.
Capacity is limited, so please connect if you want to reserve your slot!

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