“We believe that we can help you
grow beyond yourself!”

[ Ronald Jansen ]

Why Ronald = Ronald’s Why

You have a dream, a point on the horizon, a purpose that inspires you and gives you energy. Your dream is to make your company healthy, growing, future-proof and continuously innovative!

My dream, my “why” is to co-create valuable business initiatives (as many as possible) that are based on digital technology, that will on the one hand result in sustainable “continuous innovation companies” and on the other hand contribute to a better world.

My name is Ronald Jansen, passionate co-creator of digital enterprises.

For more than 25 years I’ve been focused on innovation of products and services, growing revenue, market share, efficiency or quality through the application of information technology. These days we say through applying “Digital Solutions”.

I have always had the required improvements in mind that the application of software of complete digital solutions had to achieve for my customer or my customers’ customers.

The central thread in my own growth path can be characterised by the following:

  • Vision and strategy to satisfy changing customer needs
  • Based on broad knowledge of the market and audacious goals
  • Always aimed at measurable growth of market share, revenue, profit and customer satisfaction
  • Convinced of digital possibilities and opportunities, but conscious what people and organisations can absorb

My work style is:

  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Listening and analytical
  • Creative and decisive
  • Aimed at collaboration and continuity

I enjoy co-creating valuable innovations for your customers with you and thereby realise the growth of your company!

For an impression of the experience I mentioned, please see below:

For a maker of specialised logistical software, operating in the Benelux, I have guided a strategy and branding process and developed a partner program to internationalise the business.

As stakeholder I have shaped and built a business around a digital solution for collaboration and document control in the construction and engineering market. Through both direct sales and through a network of partners in 14 countries I developed the proposition into a proper business.

As a stakeholder I set up a start-up offering a multi-sided platform to match talent, companies and educational institutions at a deeper level, taking into account values beyond the regular competencies and track record.

For a high-tech start-up with a high-end solution for LED Lighting applications I have developed focus, strategy and the entire market introduction.

For a manufacturer of telecom technology, I have managed the outsourcing and rationalisation of their portfolio of more than 150 software applications across their European operations, back to a few dozen standard applications. This safeguarded manageability and continuity of the operations.

For a leading IT Services Provider I developed a global partnership with Microsoft Dynamics, built actual practices in 8 countries and several niche industry solutions,  scaling to € 16 M annual revenue within 3 years.

For the same company I harmonised the various CRM related solutions globally into a coherent portfolio and built strategic alliances with the leading software providers in that market.

As lead consultant and product manager for a global ERP vendor I ensured compliance of the financial and costing functionality with European and US statutory and business requirements.

I built a business unit in the US for an international IT services provider offering this ERP solution to manufacturing companies.

Keen to explore what growth I can help achieve for your company? Please contact me to schedule an INNOVATIVE-TALK!


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